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First Aid Training Blended Learning 4 Jan, 2017

Blended learning is now an accepted means by which workplace first aid training can be delivered. In addition to our full day training, My Training Solutions will be introducing blended learning in early 2017.  Blended learning will be offered using a combination of electronic distance based training (elearning) and face to face training in the classroom.  As such, the structure of a blended learning first aid course will include:

Learner completes a third of the course online, learning many theory based subjects.

Learners attend a face to face classroom session where they:

  • Begin by undertaking an assessment to test their online knowledge
  • If successful in their assessment, complete the remaining two-thirds of their course via face-to-face training, including demonstration of the practical assessments.

The overall time taken to complete a first aid course will not change, but will allow the learner to take less time away from the workplace.

Advise to Employers on the use of Blended Learning in First Aid Training 

Blended learning is an accepted means by which workplace first aid training can be delivered.  It is important that Employers conduct the necessary additional checks (due diligence) to decide if staff should be trained in first aid using this method (a combination of electronic distance based and face-to-face classroom based instruction).  This means that you should make sure:

  • you are satisfied that where the training comprises of blended learning, it is as effective as exclusively face-to-face learning;       
  • the individual being trained knows how to use the technology that delivers the training;

Employers should also ensure they are complying with Regulation 13 of the Health and Safety Management Requlations 1999, which has a requirement to ensure adequate time is set aside during the working day to undertake any first aid training employees receive.  HSE Guidance document GEIS3 will be updated to reflect this change.

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