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First Aid and CPR to be added to school curriculum 30 Jul, 2018

The government has revealed plans to add CPR to the national school curriculum in England.  The draft proposal sees first aid and CPR being added to the curriculm as part of wider Health Education Classes in England from 2020.

With out of hospital cardiac arrest survival rates being up to three times higher in countries where first aid is taught in schools compared to the UK, this landmark move could save thousands of lives each year.  With every passing minute a casulty suffering from a cardiac arrest chances of survival decrease roughly by 6 - 10%


My Training Solutions have been offering Fun First Aid for Children for several years and  are pleased to hear that all children are going to learn first aid and CPR as part of the curriculum.    First aid is a really important skill, and basic knowledge of it could save lives. we believe that children and adults should all have knowledge of this important skill. 



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