As a Manager or Team Leader it has never been more important that you are able to maximise the performance of all members of your team.  Effective appraisal can be a powerful tool, which can assist you in achieving this vital aim.


Effective appraisal provides you with an opportunity to meet with staff in order to review past performance, discuss and agree future targets, which are realistic and achievable, and to identify any training or personal development requirements.  If undertaken correctly and effectively, the appraisal is an ideal opportunity both to motivate staff and improve their performance.  Regrettably, this is an opportunity that is all to frequently never realised.  Whatever the reason for this failing the effects can be serious, both for the employee and the organisation.


This course has been designed to help address this problem and ensure that appraisals are both effective and productive.  This is an intensive, stimulating and enjoyable course, which will equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct meaningful and effective appraisals, thus helping to ensure that all involved in the process find the experience to be positive and mutally rewarding.


The course is a mixture of practical and theorectical sessions with opportunities, where appropriate for delegates to share their experiences.  it is suitable for Managers and Supervisors and anyone who has a requirement to conduct performance and appraisal review sesssions. 

Advanced Supervision and Appraisal Skills

  • On completion learners will understand:

    • The role of appraisal in performance management
    • The Supervision Contract
    • The benefits and pitfalls of appraisals
    • Gathering evidence and preparing for the appraisal
    • Motivation and Reward Systems
    • SMARTER Objectives
    • Conducting the appraisal
    • Building rapport and providing feedback
    • Setting and agreeing meaningful and achievable action plans
    • 1-1 Communication and Transactional Analysis
    • Transactional Analysis and the three behaviour types
    • Practical Exercises

    The course has been designed to allow it to be tailored to meet the needs of the client and we are always happy to discuss how we can meet your exact requirements.