Are You Sitting Comfortably?


Every day hundreds of thousands of us spend multiple hours using display screen equipment (DSE), a computer at work, a laptop or tablet at home, with little regard for the health problems it may cause us.  From postural issues to eye strain, repetitive strain injury to headaches - if you're using display screen equipment regularly you may suffer from one or more of these conditions.  The good news is that there are steps you can take to making working with DSE as comfortable as possible.  This course outlines the steps you should take.

Display Screen Equipment

  • This course is designed to ensure that users of DSE set up their work stations effectively and ergonomically, avoiding the healt risks associated with their use.  Learners undertaking this course will learn what DSE is, the health risks associated with its use, how to use DSE appropriately and the importance of correct posture and regular breaks.  Finally, the course will outline the kind of support employers should provide for users of DSE work.