This course has been designed to meet the needs of organisations or individuals who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of the issues and anti-discrimination laws that relate to equality and diversity.  It is also designed to provide an introduction to the issues around stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination.  It will also help identify and explore the basic rights that all people should enjoy the shared values people have, whilst examing the responsibility each person and organisation has in ensuring that barriers to participation in society are removed.


As such it is suitable for both young and adult learners including those in or seeking employment.  It is also ideal for those who need to develop an awareness of the issues surrounding equality and diverity, for example as part of an induction programme or personal development.


Given that the underlying principles of the programme are applicable to all walks of life and all ages, we are able if required, to tailor the course to explore diversity issues that are relevant at school, college, work and in social situations.


Please note that the course is highly interactive with a number of group exercises built into the course.  The approach taken maximises the benefits of the course and to draw on learners individual experiences.

Equality and Diversity

  • On completion learners will understand:

    • Introduction to The Equality Act 2010
    • Individual Human Rights
    • What is Equality & Diversity
    • The value of Diversity
    • Harnessing Diversity
    • Protected Characteristics
    • Prejudice, Stereotyping, Labelling & Discrimination
    • Discrimination by association
    • Positive Action & Positive Discrimination
    • Barriers and responsibilities for removal
    • The benefits to an organisation of having a diverse workforce.