Whether it’s on TV, in a newspaper or posted on social media, food safety is never far from the news. Sharing of food hygiene ratings for local establishments is a popular topic of engagement on many social media channels, and unfortunately, it’s often those scoring at the lower end of the scale that make the news.


Effective food safety and hygiene training can help protect your business, and ensure you avoid this unwanted publicity.


Ensure your staff understand their role in maintaining food safety with a course written by one of the world’s leading food safety experts, Richard Sprenger, and accredited by the UK’s leading organisation for regulated food safety qualifications.


This online food safety and hygiene training course is ideal for those who work with pre-packaged foods or in low-risk catering environments.

Food Safety Level 1

  • Food businesses must, by law, ensure that all staff have received the appropriate level of safety and hygiene training commensurate with their role and risk.  

    This online course is suitable for those working in a catering environment who are not directly involved in the preparation or handling of high-risk foods, but work in an environment where food is handled elsewhere or only deal with low-risk foods. It is also ideal for those working with pre-packaged or wrapped food.

    It is a useful induction programme for those undertaking work-experience in a food business, and for anyone with a keen interest in learning more about the basic principles of food safety and hygiene.