Effective management of health and safety has the potential to save you vast sums of money.  Accidents in the workplace cost businesses in the UK tens of billions of pounds every year.  From increased insurance premiums to the cost of replacing injured staff and in the worst instances facing litigation, the risk to your business are severe.


Effective training can reduce the risk of harm occuring in the workplace and save you money!

Health and Safety Level 3

  • Designed to provide a wide-ranging level of knowledge around health and safety, this e-lerning course covers health and safety law, the hazards present in the workplace and how to implement effective and necessary controls.  At the end of the course learners will have the knowledge and skills to effectively supervise staff.

    Comprising of eleven modules the course covers the key syllabus of Level 3 Health and Safety qualifications and provides the knowledge a learner requires to go on to achieve a recognised qualification.