Sadly, allergies and intolerance to foods continue to be a significant health issue, both in the UK and internationally. According to the Food Standards Agency around 1 to 2% of adults and 5 to 8% of children in the UK have a food allergy, with up to 1 in 55 children having a peanut allergy. In addition, some people need to avoid certain foods because of a food intolerance.

Introduction to Allergens

  • This course is an ideal introduction to allergens, whether for experienced food handlers and supervisors or people new to working in an environment where food is stored, prepared, cooked or handled.


    The courses does not provide a qualification itself, however, the course does meet the required standard to become part of the Allergy Aware Scheme.

    The content of the course can contribute towards to knowledge and understanding required to go on to achieve a Level 2 Allergen (RQF) qualificaiton.