The Introduction to Infection Control is a half-day course, which has been designed to provide employees with a basic understanding of the risk of infection and some of the measures that can be taken to address the risk, whilst also raising their awareness of this important issue.


The course is suitable for a variety of individuals, particularly new employees who possess either minimal or no prior knowledge of Infection Control.


The course gives candidates a basic understanding of the causes of infections, the conditions that they thrive in and the ways they can be spread. It also covers suitable methods of cleaning and waste disposal to help stop infection spreading, as well as information on personal protective equipment that can be used.

Introduction to Infection Control

  • On completion learners will:

    • Common diseases and the Chain of Infection
    • Understanding standard infection control practices
    • Correct management of spills
    • Personal/Hand Hygiene
    • Understanding roles and responsibilities in preventing infection
    • How to manage waste correctly

    The course has been designed to allow it to be tailored to meet the needs of the client and we are always happy to discuss how we can meet your exact requirements. Flexibility also exists to to provide more in depth training should this be required and we will of course be delighted to discuss your exact requirements.