Leadership is an attribute that is often shrouded in mystery and frequently people are placed in leadership roles without the proper training or skill sets to enable them to function effectively.  Indeed, there is often confusion and/or misunderstanding as to what leaders truly do and the difference between leadership, management and supervision.


Modern leadership is moving away from the "Command and Control" ideal and the role has now become more focused on how to unlock the power and potential of those around you.


People want and need to be respected and valued.  The effective leader recognises this and is also sufficiently self aware to encourage and develop the strengths of others to achieve the goals of the organisation and also allow the individual to maximise their own potential.  Two goals, which need not be mutally effective.


This course will focus on three elements of leadership:  Personal Leadership, Team Leadership and Task Leadership.  The course will look at the inclusive approach to leadership, where the leader focuses on achieving results through those around them, including others in their decisions and working with the organisation to succeed.  The overall aim being to provide a learning environment wherein participants can cultivate their leadership skills.


Whilst, the course will benefit anyone occupying a leadership postion, it is particularly suitable for those new to the role of leadership or who would welcome a fresh perspective to their leadership role.  Please note that this course is interactive and full of relevant activities.  Therefore, in order to derive maximum benefit participants are expected to engage fully with all aspects of the course. 

Leadership Skills

  • On completion learners will understand:

    • Personal Leadership Skills
    • Team Leadership Dynamics
    • Task Leadership and the Leader
    • Motivation of the Team and Individual
    • Effective Working Practices
    • Self Awareness
    • Empowering the Individual
    • How to Develop a Positive Approach to Leadership

    The list of subjects detailed above is merely intended to provide a flavour of the course content and the skills that participants can acquire.