"Perhaps Hell is nothing more than an enormous conference of those who, with little or nothing to say, take an eternity to say it".

Dudley C. Stone


In many organisations meetings do not always enjoy a particularly good reputation, and may well be viewed as notorious time wasting exercises.  Whilst, this will hopefully be unintentional it is none the less very frustrating, not to mention expensive.  Furthermore ineffective meetings are invariably unproductive and demoralising.


The person leading the meeting has a pivotal role to play in ensuring that meetings are necessary, effective, timely, rewarding and productive.  However, the very nature of some meetings makes these outcomes extremely difficult to achieve.  Particularly if the person leading or Chairing the meeting has not had the opportunity to acquire and develop the skills required to achieve the desired outcome. 


This course is primarily designed for those who are required to lead or Chair meetings and provide participants with the knowledge and techniques to develop their skills to ensure that meetings are effective and well led.


Leading Meetings Skills

  • On completion learners will understand:

    • Deciding if a Meeting is the Most Appropriate Means of Communication
    • Clairing/leading an Effective Meeting
    • Meeting Preparation
    • Controlling the Meeting
    • Blockages to an Effective Meeting
    • Ensuring that Agreed Actions are Assigned and Recorded
    • Effective Objectives and Agendas
    • Dealing with Disruptive Colleagues
    • Closing the Meeting Effectively
    • Practical Exercises to Develop Effective Chairing/leading Skills for Meetings

    The list of subjects detailed above is merely intended to provide a flavour of the course content and the skills that participants can acquire.