Conflict in the workplace is destructive and detrimental to all stakeholders.  It can leave disengaged employees, unhappy customers and reputational damage. 


Unfortunately, from time to time, we all find ourselves in a conflict situation.  Knowing how to effectively and confidently diffuse such situations it is vital to reduce the risk of threatening or abusive behaviour in the workplace. 


Effective conflict management can improve engagement amongst employees, ensure that customer experience is not tarnished, and create better relationships, both internally and with customers, that result in a more talented, productive workforce.

Managing Conflict

  • The e-learning short course in Managing Conflict is designed to equip your organisation with the skills and confidence to effectively handle conflict situations.

    Learners on the course will understand what workplace conflict is, suitable responses to conflict, cultural differences and different ego types.  It will equip learner's with the knowledge around breakdowns in communication, the behavioural cycle and patterns of behaviour.  The course also covers the various models and techniques that can be utilised to effectively manage conflict, and provide learners with an awareness of the potential damage conflict can cause.