This course is ideal for those individuals who have a responsibility for the storing, administering or disposing of medication.  It is particularly suitable for those individuals who are just getting into the field or those who are requiring a refresher course.


It will be readily appreciated that working with or distributing medication is a very important role and one which requires a thorough understanding of such issues as relevant legislation, safe administration procedures, possible side effects, the importance of effective record keeping and a range of other matters.


If recipients were given incorrect medication, or the wrong dose, or it the mediation was administered incorrectly then there could easily be dangerous consequences.  It is therefore imperative that those individuals charged with such responsibilities are competent and confident with their roles and responsibilities and have a thorough understanding of their duties.


The course is designed to provide a thorough refresher to a number of different aspects of drugs and medication.  A range of topics will be covered, including dispensing methods and procedures, as well as medical record keeping and the proper disposal of expired medication in line with legislation.




Medication Awareness

  • On completion learners will understand:

    • Delegates obligations and that of their employer in regards to the documentation and the administration of medicine
    • How medication should be stored
    • Different types of medication and how they work
    • Knowledge of common adverse reactions
    • The seven guidelines of administration of medication
    • Controlled drugs and oxygen
    • Drug errors
    • Disposal of medication etc