It may come as no surprise to learn that in a survey carried out amongst experienced, middle and senior executives, designed to determine the things that they feared most, public speaking came out as number one.  What may come as a surprise is that in the same survey Death was eighth on the list!  So on the basis of surveys findings most of us would rather die than stand up and present!


Whilst, that may be a little extreme, it is a fact that many people can become terrified at the prospect of having to stand up and make a presentation.  It is also true that a poor presentation can have a negative and damaging effect on the issue the presentation sought to address.  Not to mention the effect that such an experience will have on the individual undertaking the presentation.


This course is intended for anyone that is currently required to undertake presentations, or who may be required so to do in the future.  The course is designed to provide learners with the ideas and techniques to help them feel more confident about presenting, and will help them to become a more effective and professional speaker.

Presentation Skills

  • On completion learners will understand:

    • Learning Theory
    • Indentifying and Developing Objectives
    • Presentation Planning
    • Use of Attention Grabbers for Dramatic Effect
    • Developing Effective Visual Aids
    • Selection and Use of Methods and Tools for Presentations
    • Positive Presentation Syles and Behaviours
    • Question Techniques
    • Practice Session to Develop Individual Presentation Skills and Consolidate Learning

    The list of subjects detailed is merely intended to provide a flavour of the course content and the skills that participants can acquire.