"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge".

Adolf Berie


Communication is a two-way process and to be successful requires those involved in the process to be able to question effectively.  Wuestining, if done effectively, allows those involved in the process to ensure that the passage of information has been done effectively, whilst also diminshing the possibililty of error. 


It will be readily appreciated that the ability to communicate effectively is crucial in business, as well as many other areas of life.  However, our ability to communicate well is seriously undermined if this is not underpinned by effective questioning skills.  Whilst, this may seem obvious it is usrprising to find how may people, at all levels of an organisation, fail to believe that such a problem could exist and that the ability to question effectively is a skill that not everyone may possess.


Have you ever experienced a situation where, when delegating a task, you gave what you believed to be clear and explicit instructions only to discover that when the task was completed the end result was unsatisfactory.  Upon investigation, it transpires that the indivdual undertaking the task had misundertsood what was required.  Such a misunderstanding could well have been avoided through effective questioning.


This course is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and techniques to develop the skills to ensure that they are able to question effectively and consistently.

Questioning Skills

  • On completion learners will understand:

    • Why Effective Questioning is important
    • Types of Questions and their usage
    • Questioning Effectively
    • Using the Funnel Technique
    • Dealing with Hostile Questions
    • Preparing and Using Focused Questions
    • Improving Performance through Effective Questioning
    • Practical Exercises to Develop Effective Questioning

    The list of subjects detailed above is merely intended to provide a flavour of the course content and the skills that participants can acquire.