Are you self-aware?  Do you have a plan for your personal and professional development?


Self-awareness is understanding who we are, our strenghts and weaknesses, our drives and personalities, our habits and values.


Through understanding your own strengths, weaknesses, habits and values, you become aware of the areas, that you may wish to focus on or develop, to ensure that you maximise your existing skills.


Organisations can utilise employees' self-awareness to create a tailored development than that builds on existing skills, and develops new ones, potentially addressing shortages within the existing workforce.

Self-Awareness and Personal Development

  • This course is designed to help individuals understand their emotions, strenghts, weaknesses and sense of worth, and create a personal action plan from this new-found awareness.

    Leaners on the course will understand what self-awareness and personal development is, and the importance of taking time to reflect and assess their own strengths, weaknesses and aspirations.  The course will provide learners with the tools to effectively self-assess and set realistic goals for personal development.  Finally learners will understand that through being self-aware, and taking positive steps, they can positively impact on all areas of their life and effectively embrace change.